Senior Project Manager

Colin Buchanan, MSW, LMSW, is a mental health and addiction treatment expert located in Louisiana with over a decade of experience. Colin is passionate about providing holistic and quality treatment to those with addiction and mental health concerns and believes that building the right staff is the foundation to any good treatment facility.

Colin has held numerous roles in the span of his career, all centered around a common theme of helping others recover. In his most recent position as clinical director at Lake Wellness Center, Colin oversaw all clinical programming for nine outpatient recovery clinics, which includes tasks such as building strategic teams, overseeing treatment plans, and developing new programming for the expansion of new services. While in charge, the clinics have seen a vast amount of growth and production, and the lives of many patients have been positively impacted as a result.

Prior to holding this leadership position, Colin was a renowned addiction therapist, conducting group, individual, and family therapy sessions, and managing countless cases each day. In 2014, his work was recognized with an award for employee of the year for his outstanding performance.

Colin is an advocate for his patients, and he works to build the strongest, most qualified teams to help meet the needs of the treatment facilities. In his latest role as executive director at NOLA Detox and Recovery Center, his primary goal is utilizing his leadership and mental health treatment experience to deliver the best outcomes for each patient and their families.

Colin holds a Bachelor of Social Work and a Master of Social Work both from the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. In his spare time he enjoys going fishing, spending time with friends and family, gardening, exercising and cooking.