How Will ODMAP Help Solve Louisiana’s Nation-High Opioid Epidemic?
Posted on October 27, 2021
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How will ODMAP help solve Louisiana’s nation-high opioid epidemic_ NOLA Detox founder explains

ODMAP (Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program) is an effort constructed by Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams to “dial in areas plagued by drug-related fatalities.” Lousiana and New Orleans, in particular, have been hit especially hard by the opioid epidemic. NOLA Detox co-founder and CEO Dan Forman discussed the need for resources to treat addiction in New Orleans with WGNO. “The New Orleans area saw the largest increase in opioid overdoses and deaths in the entire country during the pandemic,” NOLA Detox co-founder and CEO Dan Forman told WGNO. “We have a severe issue in our community and a lack of resources. So the fact that DA Williams is bringing [ODMAP] is very important.” Read the full article for more information on ODMAP and the growing need for addiction resources in Louisiana.