Intensive Outpatient Treatment

For those suffering from substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders, NOLA Detox and Recovery Center offers accessible outpatient rehabilitation programs that provide high-quality, comprehensive treatment. Learn how we make recovery a positive experience with our intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) plan specially designed for your successful rehabilitation.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

An alternative to facility-based inpatient stays, intensive outpatient programs (IOP) permit patients to live at home and receive rehabilitative treatment for substance use and mental health disorders that do not require round-the-clock supervision. Patients are able to continue their day-to-day responsibilities, such as work and school, while still attending structured recovery programs.


Our IOP programs are tactfully designed to address dependencies and disorders ranging from:

The Nola Detox Difference

In our IOP program, patients can continue to work, live at home, and sleep in their own beds at night while receiving the most innovative medical and clinical interventions to treat addiction. This is increasingly important since the spread of fentanyl and opioid usage has permeated all socioeconomic statuses, and we see more people with jobs or in school actively using substances. This is our way of democratizing addiction care so that everyone who needs it can access it.

What to Expect in IOP

Our IOP programs combine individual therapy, medically assisted treatment under the care of a physician, group therapy settings, educational workshops, and coping skills education to allow our patients to meet supportive peers and maintain sobriety. Patients participate in 3 month programs with three-hour day and night classes offered four days a week. Please call us so that we can build a treatment plan for you.

After IOP

After completing an IOP treatment plan, patients should expect a continuum of care plans to support and promote their recovery. These involve follow-up visits, support group meetings, referrals to other healthcare providers, and family therapy sessions.

Is IOP Right For You?

While IOP programs might be the most ideal rehabilitation choice, this type of treatment is not suited for everyone. An IOP may be most beneficial for your recovery if:

You’re transitioning out of a residential treatment program

Traditional inpatient treatments aren’t working

Work or family obligations make it difficult to stay away from home for an extended period


Will I receive medication at NOLA Detox IOP?

We have medical providers available if you wish to speak with them about medication options. We do not keep any medications on site, but we do offer prescriptions for medications if appropriate.

Are IOP and PHP programs the same thing?

Partial hospitalization programs, abbreviated ‘PHP,’ require a part-time inpatient stay, whereas IOP programs do not require an inpatient placement.

Is IOP covered by insurance?

To determine if an IOP program is covered by your insurance, give us a call at 504-446-1111. We will check your insurance policy for you. We accept most insurance plans at NOLA Detox IOP.

Is IOP a form of rehab?

Since IOPs are substance abuse and disorder rehabilitation programs, they are considered a form of rehab that is more intensive than traditional outpatient programs.

Is virtual IOP effective?

Virtual IOP programs can be just as beneficial as in-person rehabilitation and are a safe alternative to direct personal contact. These programs should be considered when a physical facility is not located near the patient’s home, or reliable transportation is not available.

Can I do rehab at home?

Rehabilitation in your home environment is a primary focus of the IOP. Successful rehabilitation from your home largely depends on strong family support and a professional healthcare team.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

No matter what step you are at in your recovery, NOLA Detox and Recovery Center is ready to provide you with quality care that’s customized to fit your unique circumstance. Mixing Southern hospitality with medication-assisted treatment, our expert staff remains committed to teaching patients how to enjoy life in recovery. To experience the NOLA Detox difference and get started on your IOP program, call us today.




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