Louisiana’s Premier Addiction Treatment Program

Addiction is not your fault, but it is your responsibility. If you’re on our site, you’re likely facing a critical situation. We are here for you and committed to providing the care you need.

NOLA Detox offers same-day admissions and is available 24/7.

Admissions by appointment only.


We’ve Been Where You Are & We Can Help


The NOLA Detox family is championed by Dan Forman and Chris Copeland, who have each been in recovery for over a decade and have both tragically lost loved ones to addiction. Together, they have created NOLA Detox, out of their intimate knowledge of treatment so that others will have a place to call for help in preventing a similar loss.

A passion project at its core, NOLA Detox was formed so Dan and Chris can help bring knowledge of treatment and recovery options to others. This education and the availability of these treatments save lives.


Addiction Affects Everyone

Addiction is a serious disease that affects everyone surrounding the person who is suffering. While you may not see it due to the blinders and darkness of addiction, those who care for you see your struggle through a lens of painful reality. This causes those who love you to suffer with you, often in agonizing silence.

Parents deeply hurt as they watch their children suffering from addiction and worry for their futures. Spouses and partners of persons with addiction are devastated by the toxicity that goes hand-in-hand with addiction, often causing the relationship to end. Bosses and co-workers lose faith in your ability which leads to loss of employment, or even the loss of an entire career. Children of persons with addiction begin to doubt your love for them and feel the effects of that for the rest of their lives. Most tragically, those who love you may mourn the loss of your life if addiction fully claims it.

You are not alone in your pain but only you have the power to end it for yourself and everyone suffering with you.

You can do this. We’re here for you.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, please reach out to us today. There’s typically a 4-hour window between recognizing a crisis and getting someone into treatment. In some cases, this window could be the difference between life or death.

“Timing is everything and this is the right time for NOLA Detox in the city of New Orleans.”



In The News

Highlighting NOLA Detox: A New Face of Addiction Recovery

Highlighting NOLA Detox: A New Face of Addiction Recovery

In a recent New Orleans Magazine Online article, the spotlight is on the NOLA Detox and Recovery Center, co-founded by Dan Forman and Chris Copeland, as a beacon of hope for those battling addiction in the New Orleans and Gulf South region​. Dan Forman and Chris...

Addiction Segment: Gatherings and Overcoming Temptation

Addiction Segment: Gatherings and Overcoming Temptation

Spring in the Crescent City can sometimes be challenging for those in recovery from addiction. From St. Patrick's Day to crawfish boils, the temptation to consume drugs and alcohol can feel like it's everywhere. But that doesn't mean those in recovery can't join in on...

New Studies Show the Severity of the Opioid Crisis

New Studies Show the Severity of the Opioid Crisis

According to a recent study by The Lancet, Journal of the American Medical Association, more than 1.2 million people will die from overdoses by 2029. Opioid overdoses are extremely prevalent in Louisiana and especially affect African American men 55 and older. NOLA...


Breathe in Relief: Our Campus & Amenities

Our New Orleans flair is backed by gourmet comfort foods served by Copeland’s Restaurant, New Orleans Roast Coffee, Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies, and other local legendary restaurants.

Fueled by Southern hospitality, our eight-acre campus offers a welcoming environment with stately oak trees and meditation walking trails. 

We have planned activities both on and off campus, movie nights, pizza parties, crawfish boils, weekly campfires, and so many more fun activities to encourage community.

Access all the comforts of a nice hotel with queen sized beds, televisions in every room, private restrooms, linen services, fitness and recreation, Wifi, and more.

Community Partners

We’re proud to partner with local organizations in New Orleans and Louisiana.


NOLA Detox accepts most insurance plans. Please call us to confirm your coverage.


COVID-19 Compliance & Safety

NOLA Detox is committed to following strict COVID-19  protocols to keep our patients and staff safe.