Addiction Segment: Gatherings and Overcoming Temptation
Posted on March 11, 2022
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Gatherings and Overcoming Temptation - NOLA Detox

Spring in the Crescent City can sometimes be challenging for those in recovery from addiction. From St. Patrick’s Day to crawfish boils, the temptation to consume drugs and alcohol can feel like it’s everywhere. But that doesn’t mean those in recovery can’t join in on the festivities and still have fun. NOLA Detox co-founder and CEO Dan Forman told Fox 8 News, “We love to celebrate in this city, but I’m hoping people know that they can celebrate in recovery. We can still enjoy the wonderful things about our city. Crawfish boils, music festivals, we shouldn’t hide from those in recovery. We always encourage people to go out and enjoy.” Simple things like going with a friend or making sure there are other sober people at the gathering can make the experience much more manageable. Watch as Dan explains how to enjoy Spring festivities in New Orleans while in recovery.