New Studies Show the Severity of the Opioid Crisis
Posted on February 7, 2022
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New Studies Show the Severity of the Opioid Crisis - NOLA Detox

According to a recent study by The Lancet, Journal of the American Medical Association, more than 1.2 million people will die from overdoses by 2029. Opioid overdoses are extremely prevalent in Louisiana and especially affect African American men 55 and older. NOLA Detox co-founder and CEO Dan Forman spoke with 4WWL about the findings of this study and how the increase of Fentanyl is contributing to overdoses in Louisiana. “What’s really happened is we have seen an increase of Fentanyl coming from China, and that’s in almost everything you buy in the street. And Fentnanly is very dangerous, 100 times stronger than what we used to see in Heroin. And it’s creating a lot of overdoses. We saw more overdoses in Louisiana during the pandemic than anywhere in the country, so we saw the largest increase of opioid use here in New Orleans.” Watch Dan’s full interview with 4WWL to learn more.