Week in Review, Aug. 9-13: Shots Required to Party in New Orleans
Posted on August 13, 2021
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NOLA Detox and Recovery Center Opens Its Doors to Patients - NOLA Detox and Recovery Center

NOLA Detox and Recovery Center has officially opened its doors to patients. This 36-bedroom facility hopes to offer patients in Louisiana a new style of recovery not based on shaming patients but rather based on compassion for patients and their addiction. By treating addiction like any other biological alignment, NOLA Detox and Recovery Center hopes to lead patients down the road to recovery. “The public health crisis occurring across our city and state is detrimental to current and future generations. NOLA Detox is providing real, meaningful solutions to the people of New Orleans,” said Dan Forman, the center’s co-founder and chief executive officer. Learn more about Dan’s vision for NOLA Detox and the facility could positively affect our community in the Biz New Orleans article below.